Jealous Lover

Posted: Thursday, August 27, 2009 | | Keyword: , , , ,

Lovers stroll in the zoo. When the monkeys saw the two kissing, the woman whispered to her boyfriend.

"I wanted as they were, Mr.," pleaded the woman.

The man said nothing.

Then they met with two horses who were also kissing.

The woman whispered back, "I want to like them, Mr.”

The man bit sulky, but said nothing.

Then they saw two cows are lovingly kissing, and a long two cows each other 'wrestling' in the grass.

The woman whispered again to his girlfriend, "Mr., I want to be like them".

Finally, the man was impatient and said, "If you want, there quickly, while the cow was not finished!


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  2. simple but still makes me laugh..haha..

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