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The wife is for help to her husband who are lazy to fix a broken faucet.
Replied the husband, "I was looking like a plumber?!"
The next day the wife asked her husband returned to fix a broken stove.
Replied the husband, "I was looking like
The day after tomorrow, his wife returned for help to her husband. This time the damage is the coffee table.
Replied the husband, "I was looking like
A week later, all the broken furniture had been repaired. The husband was surprised and asked his wife, who is he that put all of this?
The wife replied, "That ... bachelor next door. But he asked for compensation for making bread, or 'sleeping' with him one night."
Curious the husband asked, "So what you make bread?"
The wife replied, "I was looking like a baker?

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  1. Kirhat said...
  2. Nice! Really nice. Remind me not to complain when my wife ask me for something to fix next time.


    Seek No More

  3. Devianty said...
  4. nice...good luck my friend...

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